Our place is unique in that we have been around for over 40 years, demonstrating longevity and tradition.
— Michelle Kenney, executive chef, restaurant owner

Marinara Runs Through My Veins

“I was introduced to the kitchen as a little girl working with my grandma. Grandma, who lived in a great home for entertaining, was very involved in many church and community women's groups that got together at luncheons in her front yard. There I would set up drinks, platters of food, all of the place settings, linen napkins and glasses. Nothing plastic there! 

I became an expert at serving 30 church ladies in the most efficient way. 

On Sundays, the whole family congregated for meatballs, pasta and wine at my great grandmothers house. The marinara was always cooked for hours. We kids all shared the duty of plucking peas from their pods in the back yard. They were sauteed with garlic, onions and delicious olive oil and ditalini pasta with a little pasta water. This soupy pasta was topped with Romano or fresh ricotta. Then it was mangia!

We were immigrants first. Our family brought the sausage making, produce business and citrus growing business from Italy by way of Ellis Island. After having grown up in the family that I did, I have learned to make my own way, adapt to all of the changes in the restaurant business as well as the changes in the world.

Several years ago, together with my mother, Gerry Moreno, we owned La Dolce Vita Trattoria, Deli, Gourmet Grocery and Catering Service. This Hollywood Beach (in Channel Islands Harbor) icon was an integral part of the beach community.”

Owner, Executive Chef, Cookbook Author, Cooking Instructor, Wine Curator, Bar Visionary and Creator, Michelle Kenney has had twenty-five years of experience in the restaurant and catering business. Clearly from the success of La Dolce Vita 1901 she still loves this work!



Full Of History

Heritage Square is historical and modern at the same time. Today’s trends are returning to comfort and the classics. We are eating healthier, wanting to know from where our food is coming and looking for experiences that are real. Dining in the McGrath House at Heritage Square feels luxurious because it is bathed in beauty. The rooms are intimate and spacious, the architecture is remarkable, the service is expert and the food is completely delicious.

"Wow, this is really a cool place." "It is really unique." These are the things we hear when guests come to our restaurant and bar. We have inside dining, lovely patio spaces, party rooms and the whole Heritage Square Plaza to delight our guests. Our 1901 Speakeasy is way more than just a bar — it is a destination with history and intrigue. The classic cocktails that reign there allow our patrons to experience history while enjoying tasty libations.


The People

We are so proud of our staff — from the servers to the cooks to the bartenders and everyone else in between. They are the backbone of our business.

Chefs and cooks keep things moving and shaking while tracking everything that gets served with just the right timing.

Buss staff and dishwashers make sure your dinner table is in tip top shape.

Our catering clients always tell us how incredible our staff is and point out how they demonstrate care and give impeccable service. 

Even in a crowd of 100 people, the La Dolce Vita 1901 staff is able to make every guest feel like they are the only one.


The people and place are so warm and welcoming. I love everything about La Dolce Vita.
— Louise

We Believe That Food Is An Experience

Cooking Classes

Learn More of the Joy of Cooking

Explore new tastes and experience learning in a beautiful environment. Taught by a working chef. Easy to follow instruction for people who love delicious food. Join a group or create one of your own. Find classes here >>


A Catered Affair for Love or Business

La Dolce Vita 1901 will arrange every aspect of your event from set up to clean up and everything in between. We love large banquets, intimate parties, bar tending and serving your event. Our experienced and courteous staff will make you feel completely at ease. See the offerings >>

1901 Speakeasy

Classic Drinks, No Password Needed

Experience the classics and our history as you explore the craft cocktails that fueled Prohibition’s secret drinking — the 1901 Speakeasy. Intimate, friendly and serving crafted cocktails that feature house made liquors. Live weekend entertainment sets the mood. Visit the lounge >>