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Not all families grow up cooking at home or having dinner together. It’s my pleasure to give them that experience here.
— Michelle Kenney, Executive Chef, Restaurant Owner

What’s To Eat

La Dolce Vita 1901 serves time-honored Italian Mediterranean recipes. Executive Chef Michelle, believing that restaurants are returning to comfort, warmth and community, has created menus that give her customers great tasting food using our abundant locally grown ingredients.

Here you will find menus that have been strongly influenced by health conscious diners as well as adventurous ones. And the growing sophistication of diner’s palates, as well as their ethnic diversity, continue to challenge Kenney to create new recipes.

La Dolce Vita 1901 keeps you coming back.



More Ways to Experience The Sweet Life

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Love to Cook? Buy Michelle’s Cookbook and enjoy it all at home, too.


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Original Recipes for The Sweet Life

La Dolce Vita recipes from Chef Michelle Kenney. Take The Sweet Life with you. Buy La Dolce Vita Cookbook. Here are favorites from the restaurant and 40 years of family history. You will treasure this collection for your cookbook shelf.